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Unlock the critical talent and skills today, to grow the mindset to thrive in a fast-changing world.

When I started this Innovation Academy my goal was very simple:to give innovators around the world a place to go where everyone can learn, grow, and advance the heroic work we do. This mission is more important now than ever. You really are a hero in your company – and heroes need to take care of themselves, keep themselves healthy, and stay connected to the ones they love.

We are here to support you, because I believe you are some of the most important heroes to make the world a better place.

Mexam is a product of Startup Spirit. We come from a Lean background. We trained multiple startups and corporates in Lean and now we bring our experience to a wider audience to start learning in a new way. We need to adapt, adjust and change the way we think and approach training – technology alone is not enough. The knowns and norms need to be disrupted! We are your learning partners on this journey.

Startup Spirit is a collective that brings innovation to  live in corporates, incubators and accelerators. We are a bunch of passionate and professional innovation coaches. We offer training sessions (Innovation Academy), workshops and design  programs (spints, accelerators,..) with the support of a worldwide network of close partners.

We combine the fast rhythm of a startup environment with the efficiency of strategic consulting. We believe in experience and excellence, so we only work with the best.