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For trainers

Grow your business and engagement

Win customers

Attract new customers with your
tailored learning concept.

Lead by innovation
Excite your clients with an
innovative solution and offer more value as competitors.

Grow your brand and engagement
Enhance your brand and
stay connected to your clients
after the training.

For Organizations

Inspiring and impactful

Lead by innovation

Emphasize your innovative strength
with a highly effective digital solution.

Revolutionize your learning culture
Empower your employees to
peak performance with learning that fits into their lives.

Inspire your employees
Create a fun and inspiring learning
environment, which employees
share with each other.

Engage your learners everywhere

Build your brand and business

  • Branded: Launch under your own name, URL, and catalog. You control everything.
  • Everywhere: Design, teach, learn, and manage on any screen—even the one in your pocket.
  • Business:  Grow more revenue from learning with courses, workshops, coaching and more.
  • One place: Give each learner a homepage for all their learning, past or present.

Learn faster together

Learn with experts in-and outside your organization

  • Interact: Discuss challenges with experts
  • Coach: Get the guidance you need for the best outcomes
  • Projects: Work on projects together with expert
  • Chat: Easily communicate and cooperate with chat
  • All in one place: Simply your work and use one platform instead of multiple.

Simple and fast

Easily create and share with the type of learning that fits the best.

  • Learning Journey’s: Empower participants with (daily) individual learning journey’s
  • Self-paced and time-based: Choose the learning mode that fits into your life.
  • Individual or Group: Learn as individual or as a group, discussions, and more.
  • Practice: Create assignments, projects and quizzes to work on.
  • The mobile companion: The mobile platform adapts to the preferences of employees. Online, offline, anytime and anywhere.
  • Get custom features: Let us create custom functions for your courses.

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to achieve better results.
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